Outdoor Industry Consultant

My love for the outdoors started when I was very young.  Weekends and many weeks during the summer when I was just a boy, were spent in the woods behind my grandmother’s house with my Daisy in my hand or at the lake with my aunt with my trusty Zebco 33. Over the years the excitement that I had initially felt as a boy, just grew into a true passion as I grew older. Fast forward to 2007 when I was able to land my dream job working for my somewhat hero at the time Bill Jordan and Realtree. From day one, I learned the importance of building and growing relationships. I was fortunate to have developed and manage relationships from many high profile brands such as Nike, John Deere, Carhartt, Old World Industries/Peak Automotive, Nikon, 5.11 Tactical as well several prominent brands each under the VF, Jarden, Wolverine Worldwide umbrella's and many more. Realtree is such an unbelievably unique company within the Outdoor Industry.  Daily you interact with so many key representatives within non-endemic and endemic companies of our Industry. You become well versed at all aspects of the business machine that is Realtree that includes licensing, sales, marketing, advertising, promotions, brand building, retail, both hard and soft goods sourcing, product development, packaging and launch…the list goes on.   I am truly fortunate to have spent my time there.  I want to use what I have learned in previous roles that I have held and what I have fine tuned while at Realtree, to ultimately connect my partners to the Outdoor Industry.