Outdoor Industry Consultant

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In the Outdoor Industry, it is all about relationships.  Please let me introduce you to both endemic and non endemic companies and manufacturers , vertical manufacturing opportunities, sourcing, media partners, photographers, videographers, production companies, pro staff, celebrities, social influencers and more. 

Outdoor Industry Consultant, Art Tucker, John Force, connecting partners to the outdoors


Consulting services, licensing, sales, marketing, advertising, promotions, brand building, retail, both hard and soft goods sourcing, product development, packaging and launch as well as any special projects assigned by client.

Nick Mundt, Michael Waddell, Travis Turner, T-bone, Bone Collector, Booger Bottom, Art Tucker

Influencer Representation

Partner introductions and relationship management, consulting services, sponsorship sales, endorsements, appearances, licensing opportunities, promotions, marketing and social assistance as well as time management and scheduling assistance.

Outdoor Industry Consultant, Art Tucker, former Realtree, connecting partners to the outdoors

Individual Need Customization

It starts with open and honest communication.  With that, we can formulate a plan to address your business's needs.  If I am not the right consulting fit for that need, I will be the first to tell you and the first to refer you to someone that is.  


Michael Waddell, Bone Collector, Brotherhood, Booger Bottom, Downton Dixie, Waddy, Realtree

Michael Waddell Founder - Bone Collector™

Travis "T-Bone" Turner - Bone Collector™

Travis "T-Bone" Turner - Bone Collector™

"Not only have I worked with Art many years in the Outdoor Industry, but he has also become a great friend. Not many people left that their word is gold! Art Tucker is one of those men.  Proud to have Art as part of our BC team!"

Travis T-Bone Turner, Travis Turner, T-Bone, Bone Collector, Brotherhood, T-Bone Outdoors, Realtree

Travis "T-Bone" Turner - Bone Collector™

Travis "T-Bone" Turner - Bone Collector™

Travis "T-Bone" Turner - Bone Collector™

"I have known Art for 10 plus years and if I had to describe him in one word it’s “Solid”.  To me that encompasses hard working, dependable, trustworthy and a good friend. He knows the industry well and has a very extensive contact list."

Rod Pinkston, Founder & CEO of Jager Pro, innovator of M.I.N.E. trapping system, thermal hog control

Rod Pinkston Founder & CEO - JAGER PRO™ Inc.

Travis "T-Bone" Turner - Bone Collector™

Rod Pinkston Founder & CEO - JAGER PRO™ Inc.

“My relationship with Art is so important to our business success, that I schedule consulting time with him every week. His experience and industry connections have vastly improved our national television show and access to new media networks while rebuilding our company website and social media approach. Honest people are hard to find. I thoroughly trust and value his professional advice.”  

The Partners

Michael Waddell, Travis Turner, Nick Mundt, The Brotherhood, Outdoor Channel, Realtree, T-Bone
Bone Collector, Booger Bottom, The Brotherhood, Outdoor Channel, Realtree, Michael Waddell,
Travis T-Bone Turner, Bone Collector, The Brotherhood, Michael Waddell, Outdoor Channel, T-Bone
Hog Control, Hog Control Systems, Hog Trapping, Thermal Shooting, Hog eradication, Veteran owned
Advantage Cap Company, Import Headwear program, Fred Williams, Headwear, outdoor hat, outdoor hats